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AP Spanish Language Syllabus



The goals of this course are to raise the level of proficiency of the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in an integrated manner.  Students will use Spanish short stories as a starting point for study of vocabulary and grammatical structures.  These stories will also give students topics for writing both formally and informally and for listening and speaking activities.  Additional materials include historical & cultural topics and variety of authentic resources, from literary texts to newspapers, magazines, films, and music in preparation for the AP Spanish examination.



  • Reading of literary works
  • Historical, socio-economic background of literary works.
  • Conversation/ speaking skills (interpersonal and presentational)
  • Compositions (formal and informal writings)
  • Rigorous grammar review, refinement of existing grammatical structures and additional grammar structures are added.
  • Class is conducted almost entirely in Spanish.  Students must “pay” for the opportunity to speak in English or have the instructor clarify something in English



            Abriendo Paso, Lectura (José Díaz, María Nadel;  Prentice-Hall Publishers)

En Marcha, Complete Grammar Review (José Díaz, María Nadel;  Prentice-Hall Publishers)

Triangulo, (Barbara Gatski, John McMullan; Wayside Publishers)



            Cuentame Folklore Y Fabulas (Ramirez, Amsco Publishers)

            Album (Renjilian-Burgy, Valette; Houghton Mifflin)



Topic Focus

Associated Literary Work / Unit

New Technologies


US Hispanic community

Cajas de Carton


Un Oso y Un Amor


No Oyes Ladrar los Perros


Jaque Mate en dos jugadas

Business and Work

Emma Zunz

Latin America


Spain and Europe






  • Each unit will feature one or two literary works and will consist of pre-reading discussion, reading and post-reading discussion.  Vocabulary from and related to the works will be learned in conjunction with the text.  Each unit will include related listening and speaking activities as well as essays of varying lengths.   Cultural and historic readings will be used in each unit.
  • Each unit will be assessed through reading comprehension quizzes, scores on listening comprehension and writing assessments, vocabulary and grammar quizzes and a major exam which include comprehension, short answer and essay questions.




The following outline and other important resources are available online at:




Historic and cultural emphasis:



(From Abriendo Paso, Lectura unless otherwise noted *)


(Exercises taken from En Marcha or teacher created worksheets)


(supplemented from Triangulo in addition to vocabulary from reading) 

Weeks 1-3

El Décimo, Pardo Bazán

Present tense 3- 25  

Present Progressive, gerunds

Past Participles as adjectives  136-137
Present Perfect  
Past Perfect 156- 163

El Cuerpo






Weeks 4-5


Preterite tense 32-34

Demonstrative Adjectives 193-208  

Demonstrative Pronouns






Weeks 6-7

Un Oso y Un Amor

Preterite tense  52-74
Irregulars and spelling changes  







Weeks 8-9

* Otras Fábulas

La abeja haragana 

Future tense

Adverbs 168-181

Medio Ambiente





Weeks 10-11

Continuidad de los Parques

Imperfect tense EM 76-84

La Casa






Weeks 12-14

Cajas de Carton

Preterite vs. Imperfect
Ser vs. Estar 108-110, 143-147
Preposiciones de lugar

La Educacion

Preposiciones de Lugar





Weeks 14-15

*Noche de Fugo

Condicional  328

Passive Voice 151

El Turismo





Weeks 16-17

Jacinto Contreras, Camilo José Cela

Comparatives 183- 189
Non Personal verb forms 118-131







Week 18

Final Exam Review online

Revisions of Take Home

Essay test

All the grammar






Week 18 b

Finals Review













Week 19


Don Quixote excerpts


Common Errors 3

Future 364  Future Perfect 364

Conditional 328 Cond. Perfect






Weeks 20-21


Nosotros, No


Present Subjunctive 244, 268,

Tener expressions 125-126

News Broadcasts





Week 22-23


No Oyes Ladrar los Perros

Proverbios y Cantares,XXIX

Present Subjuctive 289, 299

Present Perfect Subjunctive 304

Verbs requiring prep.. 126-130

La Salud





Week 24-25


El Arbol de Oro, Ana María Matute

La Camera Prohibida,  

Object Pronouns 209-241

Commands 253-267

El tiempo





Week 26-27


Jaque Mate en dos jugadas


Imperfect Subjunctive 318, 339

Adjectives pg. 90-100

Los deportes





Week 28-29


La Viuda de Montiel, García Márquez


Pluperfect Subjunctive 339

Por and Para 480

La Ciudad





Weeks 30-31


Cartas de Amor Traicionado


Subjunctive in Adv. clauses 404

Interrogatives/ Exclamatives 493






Weeks 32-33


Emma Zunz, Jorge Luis Borges

Adj Clauses 385

Relative Pronouns 385

El Comercio





Week 34



Spanish pitfalls


De todo un Poco

Palabras Útiles





Week 35


De La Prensa (for not taking test)

Review for AP Test







Week 36


AP Test- May 8th

El Delantal Blanco pg. 359







Week 37


El Delantal Blanco

Finals Review

Tense review 420, 436






Week 38


Finals Review









Writing Practice

·          Journal writing

                   Various topics based on reading topics or controversial subjects.  These can be based on the short        story readings (example: what would you do if your girlfriend/boyfriend issued you an ultimatum from     Jaque Mate en dos Jugadas) or current events locally, nationally or internationally. 

·          Informal writing

                   Activities from each chapter of Abriendo Paso

                   Ejercicios creativos para escribir (from En Marcha) 

·          Formal writing (One 200 word essay once each 9 weeks, shorter ones more often.) Whenever possible        these will be graded on an AP type rubric.  Students will learn peer editing skills as they develop their     essay writing skills.

                   Essays from various chapters of Abriendo Paso

                   Original poem

                   Original fable

                   Original fairy tale

                   Essay exam

·          Essays using 3 prompts

                   Ensayo practice (from Triangulo)

·          Independent Cultural Project using the one of the following plus 2 other authentic resources:



·          Every 2 weeks a major exam will be given over each unit (Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary).  Each   exam features short written responses as well as short essays.


Grammar Practice

·          All units of En Marcha will be covered.  This will review and augment all of the Spanish that has been previously learned as well as adding new tenses, structures and refinements to previously learned structures.

·          As a focus on verb tenses which are the heart of Spanish sentences, the students will take a verb conjugation quiz each Monday using 4 verbs from the stories.  They will conjugate the verbs in all tenses learned.

·          Grammar will be assessed in quizzes and as parts of the Unit Exam.

·          Students will also complete “summer work” online for grammar review.


Listening and Speaking Practice- at least one activity receives a major grade (quiz) each 9 weeks.  Others        receive participation or homework grades.  

·          Comprension auditiva (from of Abriendo Paso)

·          Simulated Conversation (from of Abriendo Paso) and Conversaciones dirigidas (from Triangulo)

·          Audios cortos (from Triangulo)

·          Audios extendidos (from Triangulo)

·          Small Group work

·          Class discussions

·          Debate on immigration issues/ Cajas de Carton

·          Debate on the dangers of drinking and driving/ Noche de Fugo

·          Original news reports

·          Demonstration speeches

·          Student led discussions on controversial topics (each student must lead one during the year)

·          Opportunities to work in the lab with ABC Exclusiva   

       or Nuevos Horizontes



Additional Activities




Song title


Associated Literary Work / Unit

Grammar concept



El Decimo

No Hay Manera


Past Participles

Visa Para un Sueno

Juan Luis Guerra

Cajas de Carton

Ojala que Llueva Cafe

Juan Luis Guerra



Joan Manuel Serrat

Proverbios y Cantares, XXIX


El Gran Combo

El Arbol de Oro

Estoy Aquí


D.O. & I.O. pronouns


Cultural and Country Study- Each unit will feature a cultural or country/region emphasis.  Students will each pick a country and will lead the discussion when it is time for their country to be featured.  Students will be encouraged to include current events for their country.



Cultural and Historical Concentration


Hispanics in the USA


Geography of Spain


History of Spain




Georgraphy of Latin America


History of Latin America




Guatemala, Honduras, Los Mayas


Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador


El Caribe


Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela




Bolivia and Paraguay


Peru y Los Incas


Argentina and Uruguay


Online Resources/ Newspapers/ Periodicals/ -


            The New Frontier





Movies/ Televisión Series (1 shown each 9 weeks- students write reviews in Spanish)

            Alborada- Colonial Latin American love story

                        Televisa Xenon Pictures, Santa Monica, CA

            Silencio Roto- Political Drama in the wake of the Spanish Civil war

                        Latino Vanguard Cinema

            El Destino no Tiene Favoritos- Peruvian comedy

                        Wellspring, Alvaro Velarde Productions,

            Danzon- Mexican music and dance “road” movie

                        Columbia Tristar Home Video, Burbank, CA


Grammar and Reading Resources

            People Magazine En Español

            Imagina, Español sin barreras (Vista Higher Learning)

            Repaso, Review workbook for Grammar, Communication & Cultura (National Textbook Co.)

            Una Vez Mas, (Couch et. al.; Longman Publishing)                                                                              

            AP Spanish Preparing for The Language Exam (Diaz; Prentice Hall)

            Complete Spanish Grammar (Nissenberg; McGraw Hill)

            Spanish 3 years (Amsco Publishers)

            Nuestro Mundo (D.C. Heath and Company)



Films-Recommended for students to view outside of class.  A summary of the movie (in Spanish) may be turned in for extra credit.

Stand and Deliver (PG), Proof of Life (R), A Walk in the Clouds (PG-13), The Mask of Zorro, Frida (R), Volver (R), Traffic (R), Man on Fire (R),  Zoot Suit (R), The Mambo Kings (R), West Side Story (PG), Evita (PG),  The Kiss of the Spider Woman(R), Like Water for Chocolate (R), El Norte (R), Imagining Argentina (R), The House of Spirits (R) , And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself,  Missing (PG) The Official Story (R), Salvador, (R), Romero (PG-13), Mosquito Coast (PG), The Lost City (R), For Love or Country (PG-13), Romancing the Stone (PG),  Pinero (R), Almost A Woman (PBS, Masterpiece Theater)




Diaz, Jose M., Maria F. Nadel and Stephen J. Collins. Abriendo Paso, Lectura,  Boston, Massachusetts: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007.

Gatski, Barbara and John McMullan. Triangulo, 4th Ed. Sandwich, Massachusetts: Wayside Publishing, 2006

Diaz, Jose M. and Maria F. Nadel. En Marcha, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall Inc., 2001

Valette, Rebecca M. and Joy REnjilian-Burgy. Album. 2nd ed. Lexington, Massachusetts: D.C. Heath and Company. 1993.

Ramirez, Lori Langer. Cuentame Folklore y Fabulas,  Amsco School Publishing Inc., 1999