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Espaņol AP  Short Essay Rubric












-Addresses Prompt

-Substantial info 

-Main idea is clear

-Good development of ideas

-Support with evidence, examples, details

-Addresses prompt

-Adequate info

-Main idea is clear

-Some ideas lack development

-Supporting information is general.

-Addresses prompt

-Limited info

-Main idea is somewhat clear

-Needs more development

-Lack of supporting evidence, details.

-Fails to address prompt

-The main idea is not clear.

-There is a seemingly random collection of information.





-Transitions connect main points

-Loosely organized

-Somewhat choppy

-Uses some transitions

-Lacks logical sequencing

-Ineffective presentation of ideas

-Very choppy

-Few transitions


-Series of sentences

- Disconnected ideas

- No transitions


-Very few errors

-Well edited


-Generally accurate

-Errors do not impede comprehension

-Some editing evident, but not complete

-Frequent errors

-Errors do not impede comprehension

-Some non Spanish structures used

-Lack of thorough editing


-Abundance of errors

-Errors impede comprehension

-Non Spanish structures used frequently

-Poor or no editing

Vocabulary/ Language Use

 -Good word choice

-Extensive use of new, creative words

 -Some erroneous word usage

- Meaning is not obscured

- Some new, creative words

 - Erroneous word choice causes confusion

- Limited use of new words

 - Inadequate word choice

-Invented words

-Words in English

-Use of translation services