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Sra. Shields Websites for Spanish 1 Review

Los Numeros
Los Numeros Quiz
Los Colores
Classroom Objects
Adjectives used with SER
Regular AR verbs
AR Verb conjugation
AR verbs
AR verbs
Forms of SER
Forms of SER
Basic Spanish Vocabulary
Subject pronouns and AR verbs
AR verb Hangman
Conjugate IR-to go


Go to Study Spanish at and access any of the following topics that you need.
Gender of Nouns
Months Seasons Dates
Days of the Week
Numbers 11-30
Subject Pronouns
Questions Words
Definite and Indefinte Articles
Plural Form of Nouns
Regular Verb Conj.
Adjectives I and II
Uses of Ser
Simple Future: Ir+ a + INF
Contractions AL and DEL
Using HAY
the personal "A"
Telling Time